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The Infinitum Battery Desulfator




Many junk their batteries prematurely

Bar chart showing 84 percent of lead acid batteries die prematurely

"Up to 84% of batteries fail
prematurely from sulfation″

~ Battery Council International

Sulfation, or lead acid crystal buildup on battery lead plates is by far the most common cause of battery failure, accounting for 84% of batteries according to the Battery Council International. We therefore junk our batteries long before the end of their designed lifespan.

How you can benefit from the Infinitum Desulfator Battery Life Optimizer:

  • Prevents sulfation on your battery
  • Removes the existing insulating lead sulfate crystals on battery lead plates
  • Maximizes battery lifespan
  • Optimizes battery performance
  • Double or triple your battery life span

Many junk their batteries prematurely

Get up to triple the battery service life
Infinitum Desulfators generate an electrical pulse that shatters and removes lead sulfate crystals, maximizing its life-span and performance.
Optimizes efficient storage capacity
Prevents lead sulfate crystallization in new batteries. Prevents damage to lead plates due to lead sulfate crystal buildup.
Revives 'dead' or junked batteries
Revives most dead batteries when used in parallel with a charger.
Lowers battery operating temperature
The degree of battery discharge increases with temperature whether in use or storage. With a lower operating temperature, less evaporation occurs.
Save your hard earned money
Lower the frequency of battery change. Payback within one battery change.
Save the earth
Reducing the rate of battery disposal means less disposal of hazardous lead and sulfuric acid.

Many junk their batteries prematurely


Many junk their batteries prematurely

infinitum desulfators are eco-friendly infinitum desulfators are eco-friendly infinitum desulfators saves your money infinitum desulfators are robust
infinitum desulfators are weather resilient /infinitum desulfators are water resistant /infinitum desulfators are rust proof infinitum desulfators are vibration proof

Many junk their batteries prematurely


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