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Infinitum Desulfator Reviews


A way to prolong battery life
February 6, 2005.

"The best small investment you can make, giving tremendous payback rewards."

Car batteries tend to fail at the most inappropriate time. They can go out just as we are about to sign that contract, pick up our children from school, or out alone at night.

The battery failure glows on the dashboard, stating what we already know - we have flat battery! No longer, the INFINITUM Desulfator is a microprocessor-driven device that warns us of an impending battery failure, and maximizes battery life.

Batteries spend much more time discharging than being charged. As a result, lead sulphate crystals start to build up on the battery plates. In time, the crystals from an insulating layer, decreasing the capacity of the battery. Once the plates are completely insulated by the crystals, the battery ceases to function. According  to the Battery Council International, 84% of batteries fail because of this.

The overall loss caused by sulphate crystallisation in batteries is not only monetary loss because of their shortened life span, but also the unqualifiable damage to the environment by frequent improper disposal of the sulpharic acid after the lead is removed for recycling.

INFINITUM Desulfators reverses lead sulphate crystallisation in lead acid batteries and further prevents its formation in new or revived batteries. Normally, batteries are replaced at fixed intervals, regardless of whether they need to be or not. In effect, a good battery is discarded long before it actually expires.

INFINITUM Desulfator's Amplitude Modulating Pulse technology ensures that a battery's life span is maximised. The pre-failure warning feature is invaluable as it prevents car users from being caught in situations where personal safety may be compromised.

These desulfators are maintenance-free, fully encapsulated, it is ingress-proof and can withstand harsh environments. the curative and preventive abilities of INFINITUM Desulfators make it the best small investment you can make, giving tremendous payback rewards and best of all, giving drivers or car owners peace of mind.

The News Straits Times

Not your common battery

January 16, 2005. By Paul David
"The Infinitum Desulfators generates amplitude modulated pulses at a particular frequency that causes the lead sulphate crystals to resonate and break their bonds with each other and therefore enabling the electrolyte to react with material again."

When we were invited to a demonstration of the Infinitum Battery Life Maximizer, I went along hoping that it was not another one of those additive products that claim a lot but do very little.

We were pleasantly surprised when we were met by a team of well qualified engineers who proceeded to explain their product and were quite prepared to answer any questions.

To understand the product better, one needs to be familiar with the workings of a lead acid battery found in every car today. The battery has plates of pure lead alternating with lead dioxide in an electrolyte of sulfuric acid. During discharge, both the lead dioxide and lead plates react with the sulphuric acid to become lead sulphate and water is produced.

When the battery is charged by the alternator, the plates revert to lead and lead dioxide. This is well and good as long as this reversing process is done completely, but unfortunately very often the battery spends more time discharging than charging with a result that there is a residue of lead sulphate on the plates that are not converted by the charging action.

Over a period of time, this layer of lead sulphate becomes crystalline and prevents the surface of the plates from reacting with the electrolyte and the battery capacity is gradually decreased.

Ultimately the capacity will reach a point when the car will not even be able to start and the battery has to be replaced as it cannot be recharged. Sulphation also occurs with batteries that are used in stand-by equipment where there is very little use of the battery and the sulphuric acid reacts with the plate material through pure chemical reaction to form lead sulphate.

This is where the Infinitum Battery Desulfator comes into the picture. The Infinitum Desulfator generates amplitude modulated pulses at a particular frequency that causes the lead sulphate crystals to resonate and break their bonds with each other and therefore enabling the electrolyte to react with material again.

From statistics provided, 84% of lead acid battery failures are caused by crystallization of lead sulphate. Once crystallization is removed, the desulfator prevents further formation of crystals by the amplitude modulated pulses that continuously flow through the battery.

The product is very easy to install. All one needs to do is to connect the color coded wires to the positive and negative terminals of the battery and the system will work as long as the battery voltage is in excess of 11 volts. For a dead battery, the product can be connected in parallel to the battery charger and charged. If connected to a battery, the manufacturers claim an increase in life span of a battery of three to five times.

Rejuvenation of a dead battery can take from a few hours to a few days. There are also two LED indicators on top of the desulfator - green to show that the product is operating and res of the battery voltage is getting low and needs replacement.

Infinitum desulfators come in an extruded aluminum casing with all components encapsulated for waterproofing and tamper-proofing. It is available for 12 volts and 24 volts lead acid batteries.


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