Comparing Types Of Industrial Ovens

Choosing an industrial oven may be relevant in many more industries than you first realise. When you get into the finer details, it certainly involves a lot of complex engineering, and there are many different types of commercial ovens that can be applied for various uses.

In general, these work by using electrical energy to create heat, but other fuel options are available. In the UK, the best way to learn more about furnaces and the best applications for each type is to consult industrial oven manufacturers, who specialise in heat treatment ovens, belt conveyor tunnels, drying, curing, and box ovens among others. Before you consider the full range of elements that may be required for your factory setup, however, it’s important to understand the main types available to you.Continue Reading

Top tips for warehouse management


The first step for a better warehouse management is to get organised. When the system is unorganised, it’s difficult to find what you are looking for, and this also wastes a lot of time. Ensure that you adopt a system that suits you best, this could be organising in a logical order to find things easier.

Right receiving

When there is a delivery, the materials should always be checked carefully. For instance, if there are any missing items this could affect your stock available in your system. This can easily confuse you with the number of items you should have.


When the number of your stock changes, you may need to re-organise for a better workflow. For example, some materials may change in demand. You may want to allocate materials in different places.Continue Reading

The Gear Manufacturing Industry

Gears are something we don’t tend to think about in most industries, even within manufacturing and similar fields to a certain extent. They have been part of our machinery designs for thousands of years, and are an essential element of modern engineering across the board to this day. The practical of applications of gears are almost unlimited, across almost every industry including automobiles, aerospace, medical, military and more.

The manufacturing process for gears is complex, and an in-depth knowledge of all these relevant industries is required for any business in this industry to do well. This is why the market is currently dominated by a relatively small number of leading UK suppliers, who design and manufacture precision worm gears, helical and straight bevel gears, gearboxes and more.

Essentially the reason we rely so heavily on gears is due to their simple but effective function. They are a method of transferring energy from one action to another, converting one form of movement into a different one and facilitating a small but vital part of a bigger process. Because of the varied demands that can be placed on them, gears for manufacturing, vehicles and other equipment must all be produced to an extremely high standard. They need to be robust and reliable to ensure the machinery they power isn’t at risk of failure.Continue Reading

Warehouse Safety: Working in a Warehouse

There are a lot of warehouse health and safety management do’s and don’ts that are essential in keeping the workplace organized and having the employees away from harm. With this, workers should be educated with the safety precautions inside and outside the workplace during their orientation, to avoid having accidents in the future. They should also be reminded of this instructions, by the use of safety guidelines posted on the walls of the warehouse.

Warehouse safety, when properly implemented, can produce benefits, especially to the employer, because it will result to efficiency, thus, producing quality results, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Furthermore, maximizing safety in the workplace means minimizing accident costs, lesser absentees, and reduced amount of work timeline disruption.

Safety, often overlooked and disregarded, should be taken more seriously before it’s too late. To further educate ourselves in this topic, let us discuss some of the safety measures workers meet in the warehouse. Always keep this in mind: SAFETY FIRST.


Some loads require manual handling. With this, workers are to be provided with trainings on how to properly handle loads to keep them away from future accidents, especially when they are handling hazardous loads. Furthermore, incorrect handling of equipment may lead to injuries and musculoskeletal disorders that will affect work transition. If possible, workers should be provided with forklifts and other lifting equipment for transferring heavier objects.


It is a must for the workers to wear proper uniform in the workplace to lessen the probability of severe injuries, if accidents will occur. Workers should not be allowed to proceed to their workplace if they do not abide with the rules. Safety shoes, safety caps, safety goggles, gloves, and other safety equipment that coincide with the nature of work, should be worn in the span of their work hours.

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A beginner’s guide to investing in commercial property

The commercial property market comprises of offices, shops and industrial buildings like warehouses. Currently, investment in commercial property is at an all-time high here in Britain. What mainly attracts investors in this market is that commercial property investment forms an income source that is both steady and safe. Prior to 2007, the commercial property market was on a downward spiral. This was marked by an unprecedented fall in price levels of up to 44%. The situation has long been improved and the market is steadily growing.

In order for one to succeed in this market, a basic understanding of the involved complex market factors, the potential risks and the number of property management options available is required. Understanding all these aspects will give a dependable basis when selecting the commercial property that will bring the most success, being either industrial, retail or office. For starters, the following considerations equally apply to small and large commercial property and will assist in identifying suitable opportunities and locations for investment.

Understand the liquid, volatility and the diversification of the commercial property

Some commercial property is very liquid and can be easily converted to cash. It is highly advisable to invest in commercial property that is volatile and highly liquid because such property is easy to sell in case the market takes a downward trend.

Have an understanding of the market’s drivers

The major driving force in commercial property is demand. Demand is a factor of interest rates, infrastructural development, demographics, population growth and retail spending. Always invest in commercial property which is experiencing high demand levels.

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Top Three Essential Equipment For Your Warehouse

When considering what you require in your warehouse, various considerations must occur before equipment is even thought about. As warehouses vary hugely in size, one must focus on what is required for their warehouse, considering the functionality (regarding the products dealt with) as well. Once this analysis has taken place, the purchaser can move onto the actual purchasing of the equipment, having ensured it will be the correct one for their warehouse.

Pallet Jacks/Lifters

Every warehouse requires one of these, as these exist to move pallets around. There are many variations of these, with the key differentiation often being whether the Jack is mechanized or manual. Furthermore, there is a divide between Jacks which move pallets between locations within the warehouse and Jacks which move pallets between up and down. However, this is not as key, as Jacks can be purchased which carry out both of these tasks.

A good example of mechanized Jacks is Trans-Positioners and Trans-Stackers, which move items from one location to another and from one shelf to another respectively. Pallet Truck and Hand Trucks can be used manually to transport Pallets from location to location. These tend to work well in smaller warehouses, as they require far less space.

Gravity Conveyors

These are used to convey boxes and other products around the warehouse quickly. Operated through a series of roller wheels and bearings. They can be adjusted easily to various lengths and shapes, according to the need of the user. Ideal for the loading dock, where packages are being shipped, the product can be placed on the conveyor when packaged, and moved along with additional products.

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5 Manufacturing Trends In 2016 To Watch Out For

Manufacturing is a phenomenally broad and complex industry which is directly related to the profit margins of almost all businesses. For that reason, new technologies and innovations are constantly being developed, and we’re always hearing about the next big thing that’s just on the verge of taking over the market. Whether these predictions will come true is always hard to say, but at the moment the groundwork has been completed for any one of the following five trends to finally come to the forefront in the next 12 months.

1) Predictive analytics

Waiting for trends to emerge and adjusting strategies accordingly is rarely a cost-effective exercise, but businesses are often forced to use these trial-and-error methods to figure out what direction to steer themselves in next. Increasingly, however, the value of extremely detailed analytical software and consultancy is becoming clear, and perhaps offers an alternative to this reactive approach. So much data is now available about customers, logistics, production processes and so on that it’s becoming easier than ever to predict future trends and respond faster. As this continues to take off, we expect to see more businesses benefiting.

2) Metal 3D printing

Although this is not a new trend, 3D printing has taken some time (decades, in fact) to develop to a point that it’s proving valuable to mass manufacturers. Printing with metal rather than plastic is an even more advanced branch of the technique, and one that is starting to quite literally take off. Aerospace giants such as Airbus have started to embrace the technology and we expect to see more of it throughout the engineering sector.Continue Reading