5 Manufacturing Trends In 2016 To Watch Out For

Manufacturing is a phenomenally broad and complex industry which is directly related to the profit margins of almost all businesses. For that reason, new technologies and innovations are constantly being developed, and we’re always hearing about the next big thing that’s just on the verge of taking over the market. Whether these predictions will come true is always hard to say, but at the moment the groundwork has been completed for any one of the following five trends to finally come to the forefront in the next 12 months.

1) Predictive analytics

Waiting for trends to emerge and adjusting strategies accordingly is rarely a cost-effective exercise, but businesses are often forced to use these trial-and-error methods to figure out what direction to steer themselves in next. Increasingly, however, the value of extremely detailed analytical software and consultancy is becoming clear, and perhaps offers an alternative to this reactive approach. So much data is now available about customers, logistics, production processes and so on that it’s becoming easier than ever to predict future trends and respond faster. As this continues to take off, we expect to see more businesses benefiting.

2) Metal 3D printing

Although this is not a new trend, 3D printing has taken some time (decades, in fact) to develop to a point that it’s proving valuable to mass manufacturers. Printing with metal rather than plastic is an even more advanced branch of the technique, and one that is starting to quite literally take off. Aerospace giants such as Airbus have started to embrace the technology and we expect to see more of it throughout the engineering sector.…

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