Ways to Improve Warehouse Productivity

Running and managing a warehouse can be chaotic. That’s why it’s important to look for new ways to ensure your operation run smoothly. We’ve come up with the following tips that can be incorporated into warehouses which are struggling with improving productivity.

Picking manifest

Picking manifest pulls multiple orders at once. This means orders in different sizes are pulled separately. For instance, large and small items are separated and ready for boxing.

Improve Employees comfort

Improving the comfortableness and atmosphere in the warehouse can help people increase their productivity. For example, you could get a sound system or a radio playing while they work as music is proven to improve the overall productivity in workplaces. Ensure you have a heater and a fan where workers can use them to control the temperature in the warehouse.

Leave bulky items till the end

Large and heavyweight items are difficult for picks. Ensure you leave them last for the final staging area. Also, bigger orders should always come from a pallet.Continue Reading

Misconceptions & Facts About Warm Air Heaters

Warm air heating systems have been around for a long time, so it’s not surprising that many people still hold the same beliefs they had decades ago about how these devices work. In fact, there are many common myths about them which are not necessarily true, and sometimes the opposite is actually the case.

Here we look at the science behind warm air heaters and the truth about their many applications today. This is especially relevant while it’s still cold, as many people are looking for heating systems at home or in the workplace and aren’t sure whether to even consider warm air systems as an option. Hopefully this summary will help.

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Top tips for warehouse management


The first step for a better warehouse management is to get organised. When the system is unorganised, it’s difficult to find what you are looking for, and this also wastes a lot of time. Ensure that you adopt a system that suits you best, this could be organising in a logical order to find things easier.

Right receiving

When there is a delivery, the materials should always be checked carefully. For instance, if there are any missing items this could affect your stock available in your system. This can easily confuse you with the number of items you should have.


When the number of your stock changes, you may need to re-organise for a better workflow. For example, some materials may change in demand. You may want to allocate materials in different places.Continue Reading

Warehouse Safety: Working in a Warehouse

There are a lot of warehouse health and safety management do’s and don’ts that are essential in keeping the workplace organized and having the employees away from harm. With this, workers should be educated with the safety precautions inside and outside the workplace during their orientation, to avoid having accidents in the future. They should also be reminded of this instructions, by the use of safety guidelines posted on the walls of the warehouse.

Warehouse safety, when properly implemented, can produce benefits, especially to the employer, because it will result to efficiency, thus, producing quality results, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Furthermore, maximizing safety in the workplace means minimizing accident costs, lesser absentees, and reduced amount of work timeline disruption.

Safety, often overlooked and disregarded, should be taken more seriously before it’s too late. To further educate ourselves in this topic, let us discuss some of the safety measures workers meet in the warehouse. Always keep this in mind: SAFETY FIRST.


Some loads require manual handling. With this, workers are to be provided with trainings on how to properly handle loads to keep them away from future accidents, especially when they are handling hazardous loads. Furthermore, incorrect handling of equipment may lead to injuries and musculoskeletal disorders that will affect work transition. If possible, workers should be provided with forklifts and other lifting equipment for transferring heavier objects.


It is a must for the workers to wear proper uniform in the workplace to lessen the probability of severe injuries, if accidents will occur. Workers should not be allowed to proceed to their workplace if they do not abide with the rules. Safety shoes, safety caps, safety goggles, gloves, and other safety equipment that coincide with the nature of work, should be worn in the span of their work hours.

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Top Three Essential Equipment For Your Warehouse

When considering what you require in your warehouse, various considerations must occur before equipment is even thought about. As warehouses vary hugely in size, one must focus on what is required for their warehouse, considering the functionality (regarding the products dealt with) as well. Once this analysis has taken place, the purchaser can move onto the actual purchasing of the equipment, having ensured it will be the correct one for their warehouse.

Pallet Jacks/Lifters

Every warehouse requires one of these, as these exist to move pallets around. There are many variations of these, with the key differentiation often being whether the Jack is mechanized or manual. Furthermore, there is a divide between Jacks which move pallets between locations within the warehouse and Jacks which move pallets between up and down. However, this is not as key, as Jacks can be purchased which carry out both of these tasks.

A good example of mechanized Jacks is Trans-Positioners and Trans-Stackers, which move items from one location to another and from one shelf to another respectively. Pallet Truck and Hand Trucks can be used manually to transport Pallets from location to location. These tend to work well in smaller warehouses, as they require far less space.

Gravity Conveyors

These are used to convey boxes and other products around the warehouse quickly. Operated through a series of roller wheels and bearings. They can be adjusted easily to various lengths and shapes, according to the need of the user. Ideal for the loading dock, where packages are being shipped, the product can be placed on the conveyor when packaged, and moved along with additional products.

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