Why do tools need to be calibrated?

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Calibration is a process that’s required to ensure the accuracy of measuring instruments, which indicates not only whether the device is suitable for its intended purpose but also how much can be interpreted from any readings it provides. Some instruments may provide readings which are accurate enough for some applications but will not give enough information to analyse the result in more depth. Calibration determines all of this, so it’s a crucial step.

In general, the instrument being tested must be compared to one which is capable of providing data around 3-10 times more accurately. Instruments should be calibrated using their main measurement scale as a parameter for accuracy, and also tested for zero error by completely resetting them (this process will vary greatly depending on the actual device).

Of course, if you buy accurate measuring devices from well known brands such as GE Druck, Additel or Techne, you can expect them to be extremely accurate and to meet your requirements, whatever purpose you are using them for. The reason it is necessary to calibrate tools again in future is because in almost all cases, their accuracy will deteriorate as time goes on.

There can be a variety of causes for these subtle changes in the accuracy level of any device. Physical changes resulting from general usage will happen gradually, but electrical or magnetic factors can also make a difference, as well as the device coming into contact with hazards like water, oil or other more harmful chemicals or fluids. Depending on the severity of the risk for these factors, you may need to recalibrate your tools more regularly to ensure accuracy is maintained.

There are many consequences that could potentially result from failing to calibrate tools properly or regularly enough. The reason for using measuring devices in any case is to ensure that certain specifications are met, whether this is connect to health, safety, productivity or any other objective. Measurement errors can result in all kinds of serious problems across different industries, including risks to employees, customers, patients or other stakeholders. Mistakes cannot go unchecked in any industry, so calibration really is of vital importance.

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