Top Three Essential Equipment For Your Warehouse

Top Three Essential Equipment For Your Warehouse

When considering what you require in your warehouse, various considerations must occur before equipment is even thought about. As warehouses vary hugely in size, one must focus on what is required for their warehouse, considering the functionality (regarding the products dealt with) as well. Once this analysis has taken place, the purchaser can move onto the actual purchasing of the equipment, having ensured it will be the correct one for their warehouse.

Pallet Jacks/Lifters

Every warehouse requires one of these, as these exist to move pallets around. There are many variations of these, with the key differentiation often being whether the Jack is mechanized or manual. Furthermore, there is a divide between Jacks which move pallets between locations within the warehouse and Jacks which move pallets between up and down. However, this is not as key, as Jacks can be purchased which carry out both of these tasks.

A good example of mechanized Jacks is Trans-Positioners and Trans-Stackers, which move items from one location to another and from one shelf to another respectively. Pallet Truck and Hand Trucks can be used manually to transport Pallets from location to location. These tend to work well in smaller warehouses, as they require far less space.

Gravity Conveyors

These are used to convey boxes and other products around the warehouse quickly. Operated through a series of roller wheels and bearings. They can be adjusted easily to various lengths and shapes, according to the need of the user. Ideal for the loading dock, where packages are being shipped, the product can be placed on the conveyor when packaged, and moved along with additional products.

Shrink Wrap Equipment

This is used for the packaging needs and can be found in the majority of warehouses. They can be used for packaging, before transport, of multiple products together. These operate by surrounding a product with film and shrinking the film through heat. There are multiple formats, such as L-bar units, using tunnels, and single bar units.

Warehouse Accessories

There is a set of accessories that are simply required as part of a warehouse. Box Cutters are a good example of these. However, the presence of anti-fatigue mats would be greatly appreciated by any employees. Back support braces could be seen as a necessity, however; as it will help employees avoid injuries. These are both worthwhile as they are potentially successful preventative measures to injury. Also worth considering are people positioners, as they will assist in productivity the speed and efficiency of warehouse work.