Ways to Improve Warehouse Productivity

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Running and managing a warehouse can be chaotic. That’s why it’s important to look for new ways to ensure your operation run smoothly. We’ve come up with the following tips that can be incorporated into warehouses which are struggling with improving productivity.

Picking manifest

Picking manifest pulls multiple orders at once. This means orders in different sizes are pulled separately. For instance, large and small items are separated and ready for boxing.

Improve Employees comfort

Improving the comfortableness and atmosphere in the warehouse can help people increase their productivity. For example, you could get a sound system or a radio playing while they work as music is proven to improve the overall productivity in workplaces. Ensure you have a heater and a fan where workers can use them to control the temperature in the warehouse.

Leave bulky items till the end

Large and heavyweight items are difficult for picks. Ensure you leave them last for the final staging area. Also, bigger orders should always come from a pallet.

Incorporate ideas from employees

Employees are the people who spend most of their time working in the warehouse. You can ask your employees for some feedback or ideas that you can use to help improve the system. It’s also essential to make your employees feel heard and a part of the operation as they will care more about their job.


All items have a shelf life and an expiration date. New items are rotated with the old stocks and the more inventory you have, the harder and longer it will take to rotate them. To save time and space, ensure that you don’t have too much of everything.

Picking path

Picking paths needs to be in place to ensure the flow in the warehouse is smooth. There should be a picking point at the end of the warehouse.

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